Genre: Horror/Thriller

In the style of ‘Silent Hill’ ‘The Shining” and ‘1408’

Featuring original special effects character designs and a mysterious hotel worthy of Hitchcock and Guillermo Del Toro.


Dr. Jeffrey Wolf lost his wife to cancer but never stopped fighting to save her. After her death, he succeeds in developing a miracle cancer cure which he knows will change the world and give her death meaning. Fate intervenes while Dr. Wolfe is en route to present the findings on his breakthrough. While navigating a lonely back road, he nearly collides with the figure of Sarah Gale, who had wrecked her car along the same path earlier. Stranded, they head off on foot.

Together they discover a dilapidated hotel farther down the road where they are forced to stay the night, despite encountering a creepy front desk character. Jeff and Sarah discover that this lonely hotel isn’t quite as empty as they had thought as one horror after another appears to haunt their stay at the hotel. Soon after arriving, they encounter demonic children, zombie-like creatures, the specter of Wolfe’s dead wife, flesh-eating moths, and lumbering seven-foot-tall creatures made of seemingly pure muscle.

When the odds appear to be against them, the pair split up. Alone, they must find a way to survive the hotel, find each other, and get out alive. Meanwhile, creatures continue to multiply and mutate to increasingly terrifying incarnations. Will they make through the night? Can they stop the spread of the disease, or is it too late for the rest of the world?




Still Frame | Feature